'A Right Royal Love-Affair'

As the gathering clouds bring the promise of winter rain and all the vendors in the wedding can you help me with my homework industry start to hibernate, whilst they prepare for the next wedding season.  The passionate GELIEFT-team aspires to enter various design competitions to keep them on trend and relevant to the fast-paced fashion industry.

An all time favourite is the Vodacom Durban July Fashion Challenge.  A competition encouraging all up-and-coming designers to push the envelope and design race-day ensembles, consisting of a frock, hat and accessories;  that are avant-garde, yet elegant and theme-appropriate,  to be worn to the ‘Greatest Horse Racing Event in Africa’; the Vodacom Durban July.

The essence of the GELIEFT brand was born from the inspired vision where fashion and bridal meet – a concept encompassing something bespoke, yet fashionable. It is a collaboration between Dutch design and French Flamboyance, both elements that are distinguished from the heritage of these two Afrikaans designers born in South Africa.

A unique design style, portrayed as Eccentrically Classic, the unexpected juxtaposition of two style characteristics in harmony, is the key to the brand – GELIEFT.

Teresa and Stephen have been selected by an elite panel of judges as 1 of 10 National finalists for the prestigious Fashion Challenge competition, now their fifth consecutive year.

They were also part of the Cape Town judging panel for the Young Designer Awards 2011 (Student Competition), which included ace Gauteng designer David Tlale, Fashion program director Tiffany Prior and Vodacom’s Lynn Benjamin.

Below is all the ensembles created from 2007-2010 for the Fashion Challenge Competition:

Vodacom Durban July Young Designer Awards 2007, SILK SAFARI:

Make-up: Koba Solms; Photography: Christine Meintjes; Model: Marilet Kruger

Vodacom Durban July Fashion Challenge 2007, SILK SAFARI:

Make-up: Anna Pepper; Photography: Theunis Stofberg; Model: Alet van Zyl

Vodacom Durban July Fashion Challenge 2008, IT’S A SHORE THING:

Make-up: Derek Geddes; Photography: Theunis Stofberg; Model:  Odile Gertze (Miss Namibia 2010)

Vodacom Durban July Fashion Challenge 2009, THE GAMES PEOPLE PLAY:

Make-up: Marnel Toerien; Photography: Theunis Stofberg; Model: Ivanette Britz

Vodacom Durban July Fashion Challenge 2010, IT’S A BLOOMING GREAT DAY:

Make-up: Marnel Toerien; Photography: Theunis Stofberg; Model: Alet van Zyl

Their take on this year’s Fashion Challenge theme ‘A Right Royal Affair’ was derived from the recent Royal Wedding hype of Prince William to ‘commoner’, as referred to by the world media, Kate Middleton. Mixed with a smidgen of eclectic panache of South Africa’s diverse culture enabled them to present a fresh take on this world-wide trend!  Read their inspirational poem below:


Heito Potato djo Hoity Toity Girlie!
All dress’d in white diamonds nie eers ‘n genuine pearli!

Die Chicka is sieka van die ’UPTOWN’ squad – always perfumed en altyd gebad…

Getof in ‘n NICE Gown, nies in die lig met ’n UPSTAIRS Frown!

No commoner about ha vibes. Djy kyk sy trou haar in by die High Class Foreigner TRIBES.

Handjie’tjie in die lig waai sy viri LOCALS opi plein, eit ha DUITSE-koets. Nes ‘n PRINCESS ge-tryn en blink ge-poets.

Djy sali sê sy is vanuit die distrik ses – ha BEAUTI sta uit soes ’n sier-oeg tussen di res!

Imagine da sta en trou sy met die GOVERNER se klong, hy buig op sy knie en sêrenade vi ha ‘n SONG!

Is djy sieka disi ’n HOLIWOOT starlet – lippe ge-paint in bloed rooi SCARLET.

Ndjy my bru, checkit uit – dis net onse KATIE me ‘n lekka HAIRDO…

We would LOVE to thank photographer Guido Schwarz for the stunning images, Anna Pepper of The Refinery for the superb hairstyling and make-up, model Ivanette Britz and Noël Burger of Detail Interior in Stellenbosch for using his beauftiful showroom.

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