Design Process

The essence of GELIEFT was born from the inspired vision where fashion and bridal meet a concept encompassing something bespoke, yet fashionable.

The brand’s unique design style is portrayed as Eccentrically Classic, the unexpected juxtaposition of two style characteristics in generic cialis 5 mg harmony.

The Brands’ design ethos of combining three key elements;  the client, the textile and the designer’s vision has greatly contributed to our success.

GELIEFT’s clients are confident individuals that are statuesque and graceful, owning an essence of effortless style and beauty. As beauty is more than the physical it’s an expression of a woman’s character.  She is open minded, cultivated and has a good understanding of herself and her position towards the fast-paced fashion industry.  She admires finely crafted garments that are made especially for her to adorn her beautiful physique and enhance her personality.

To avoid disappointment, we encourage potential clients to book their consultation 3-4 months prior to their wedding day or special event.

A consultation-fee of R550.00 (1hour) is charged, which is payable upon receiving the quotation, design layouts and a brief explanation regarding the silhouette, fabric and feel of each design layout.

During a consultation we, Teresa Joubert, will get an understanding of the client’s personality, likes, dislikes and the inspiration behind her wedding day or the event she will be attending.

The client will be asked during the consultation to indicate her budget and it will be taken into consideration during the design process and fabric selection for the particular gown.

GELIEFT-Bruid and Prêt-a-Porter, BESPOKE handcrafted pieces, Wedding Gowns, Mother of Bride / Groom ensembles and Evening Gowns.

Teresa will take note of key elements, referenced by the client, and draw some rough silhouette sketches as basic references, during the consultation.

After the consultation the designer decide on design possibilities and fabric options for the specific client.  2-3 Unique design layouts, brief explanation of each design and a quotation are composed. This is sent to the client via email, 5-10 days from the date of consultation.

Upon receiving the signed contract, order form, acceptance of quotation and design, the development process will commence.  This includes measurements, fabric sourcing and fittings.

Teresa insist that her clients, especially brides, join her when they source suitable fabrics for  once-off gowns.  This ensures that the designer can optimize the aesthetics of the client and the gown by selecting colours and textures that compliment both.

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